Mutual Benefits with partners manage and support the development of the latest vehicle technology.

Project Management

Mutual Benefits engineers has 30 years experience from hands-on, technical and complex entrepreneurial Project Management with demands such as ABK and ABT, whereof 20 years are from Automotive Industry, passenger cars, marine, buses and trucks.

Quality Assurance

  • Reactive – QA project managers to solve Quality issues from the field
  • Proactive – leading methodologies to assure quality in product development


Through experience from manufacturing, development, supplier evaluation and quality our experienced commercial project managers often develops to be a sourcing specialist or purchaser. Sometime in combination with our regulatory expertise from Mutual Benefits Life Science to support sourcing needs in the Medtech industry.

Operational Excellence

  • Value stream mapping
    Mapping through structured value stream analyzes of existing work processes used by the organizations. Individual in depth interviews combined with workshops leads to a good foundation for the analysis. Of which results are then used in the development -and implementations work.
  • Modularisation
    After a situation analysis of the organisation – read the company analysis – sometime the client may chose to decrease their variant of products or systems to decrease platforms, articles, tied up capital(WIP) and lead time from customers order.
  • Lean
    Development of organisations effectivity through Lean methodologies such as:
    Is Toyota Way same as lean?
    – What it is? Culture or Method.- Main values and ideas?- Can it be used in other places?


    – A standardized and visual report

    – Versions covers – Proposal, Problem Solving and Status Report

    – Avoid confusion, save time in creation and review

    – Common agreement on usage needed

    PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act)

    – An iterative management approach which  focus on proper planning and confirmation of   result

    – Save time by proper planning and avoid major retakes

    – Culture mindset of “just do it” must be washed away

    Problem Solving (Practical problem solving, FTA, 5Why, Fishbone)

    – Different problem solving tools for different scenarios

    – Secures a structured approach and avoid repeat of problems based on finding root cause

    – Requires a solid base of knowledge about own product, service and processes

    Jikotei Kanketsu (Built in Quality – With Ownership)

    – Method to map or analyze a process focusing on the person working in the process knowing the criteria for what is a good job!

    – Easy method which can map ownership, method or process gaps, contribute to eliminate waste

    – Must be performed by the person owning / working in the process together


    – What it is, link to Problem solving AND Toyota Way

    – Mindset approach to secure change without risking mistakes

    – As organization understand difference between kaizen and step change and when to use what

    Project Philosophy

    – Linking together Toyota Way, Kaizen and Risk management

Embedded –test & development

Manufacturing engineering

Selection of assignments towards our customers within vehicle development, aftermarket, market and sales:

  • Project Manager improvement rigs & test vehicle building. Lean methodology implementation.
  • Project Manager Chassie. Manager of global technology development projects within chassie development.
  • Project Assurance Manager (PAM). Coordinating and Supporting Process Quality within Development Projects.
  • Designer High Voltage Topology System for development of electric engines.
  • Testing Manager, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Account Manager and more demanding responsibilities for vehicle development, aftermarket, market and sales.
  • IT-Project Manager for Vehicle Connectivity. Managing development and communication of new service- and product ideas to the market.
  • Exclusive right for sales & marketing of Ecar Swedens electrical cars in 9 countries.
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