Life Science

Mutual Benefits –  Your natural partner in Life Science

Life Science, a complex industry in continuous growth since the Second World War, now facing real challenges driven by an aging population and new markets. Competition of the welfare funding in every society and access to new technologies, creates a demanding reality for all parties involved.

  • Med Tech, new combined technologies (SW, electronics and materials) create more complex solutions, increased regulatory demands and increased cost effectiveness solutions.
  • Pharmaceutical, new cost effective drugs for each patient enabling an active life through operation efficiency and open value chain.
  • R&D, Lack of new effective drugs drives new more creative processes, a more open value chain and shorter time to market
  • Health Care, aging population, new technologies and old facilities is not an ideal combination.

Mutual Benefits – Taking the lead in Life Science

Mutual Benefits post R&D portfolio of services does cover the spectra below, in your industrialization phases such as development, pilot and production. Good and solid planning is the key to success in a complex highly regulated environmental such as the Life Science industry. We can support your daily business to be, cost effective, flexible, meeting/exceeding your defined quality attributes, and to be in compliance.

  • Project Management, defined by a start and a stop of a designed process. Managing of time, resources, cost and risks is the fundamental contents to obtain defined quality attributes in project covering;
  1. Technologies; Even fairly simple devices and processes today use the advantages of multi technology solutions, dedicated and experienced project management is an essential element to achieve success.
  2. Products & Production Development
  3. Legal & Commercial aspects
  • Quality & Regulatory Assurance, and in compliance is today a fundamental element within the complete Life Science industry. Transparent and full traceability is paramount in the logistic chain;
  1. Regulatory
  2. Validation/Verification
  • Superior technology development within Medtech for neuro electronics and SW algorithms in combination with the latest regulatory demands.
  • Operational Excellence, aiming towards effective processes in combination with the company culture
  • Automation/IT, the natural tool for monitoring, controlling, storing, execution of the process in order to reach Operation Excellence
  • Business Development, with an extensive experience of conducting business at the international market. Mutual Benefits can act as advisory board for your project.

For more information or career opportunities. You are welcome to contact our Business Development Manager for Life Science, or our CEO.