We are looking for a senior Business Intelligence expert to contribute to our client’s significant effort of migrating an extensive data warehouse, with its ETL process, data, and reporting solutions to an AWS cloud environment.
The solution to be migrated houses historic data of financial trades from decades back.

Mandatory Requirements

* Expertise in Power BI, gathering requirements, designing and developing middle layers (logical layer, semantic layer)

* Expertise in designing and implementing dashboards and reports in Power BI

* Experience working with and designing solutions for large data volumes

* Expertise in how to work in and govern production environments, and ensuring documentation (reports, dashboards) throughout the product lifecycle

* Expertise in data warehousing (Dimensional data modeling ETL processes) in a PostgreSQL environment

* Fluent English

* AWS knowledge is a merit

Roles and Responsibilities

• Contribute to the migration of a BI environment from a traditional on-prem to an AWS cloud platform, applying best practices

• Produce requirements and also design and implement the middle layer (logical layer, semantic layer) in a 3-layer BI implementation

• Contribute to, and also coordinate the migration work of extensive dashboards and reports to use the build middle-layer data sets

• Ensuring business documentation of requirements and solutions

• Contributing to and coordinating with SMEs regarding quality assurance, testing and reconciliation

• Identify opportunities to streamline, simplify or reduce the existing scope of reports and solutions

• Support analysts and other data consumers in the transition to the new business intelligence tool, including support with data queries, troubleshooting and training

The scope of the full migration project:

• ETL solutions in SQL Server (stored procedures, SSIS) and the occasional command, R or Python scripts

• SQL Server data warehouse, with several databases and data models, including the historic data

• QlikView apps and their dashboards and their server-side views

• A SAP Business Objects universe and an extensive set of reports used by several business stakeholders

We expect you to have:

• A degree in a relevant field

• Many years of relevant working experience

• Expertise in Power BI and preferably other BI tools, doing development work both back-end and front-end

• Expertise in data warehousing (normalized data models, slowly changing dimensions, ETL processes etc.) in a PostgreSQL environment

• Expertise in how to work in and govern production environments, and ensuring documentation throughout the product lifecycle

• Experience working with and designing solutions for large data volumes – millions or 100x observations daily

• Fluent English language skills

It would be great if you also possess:

• Experience migrating data solutions into AWS

• Mastery of AWS and Redshift

• Experience with cloud service providers and relevant microservices

• Experience with programming languages R and Python, and scripting languages PowerShell and Visual Basic

• Experience from business intelligence tools SAP Business Objects and QlikView

• Familiarity with trading data, trades and quotes

• A good understanding of statistical analysis and advanced analytics

In order to succeed in this role, we believe that you are structured, analytical, and thorough in your work in order to handle a migration of an extensive and complex solution at the end of its lifecycle.



MBE have solid experience of sustainable product development in Automotive and Clean Energy Tech industry in combination with advanced AI for electrical grid (similar to stock market). After several awards for technical expertise from European Council, Swedish Energy Agency and Västra Götalandsregionen as well as growth and leadership such as DI Gazelle with successful international business we feel confident in our progress and are welcoming additional exeperts to the journey.

We created and developed our distinguished leadership model together with professors at IHM Personal Leadership program and Stephen R Covey’s methodology. You will recognize many similarities in Simon Sinek’s visions. The model is continuously sharpened since 2001.


We are happy to see applications from creative, curious and senior developers to join our expert team towards advanced technology clients within Automotive and Circular Energy. We are extra happy to see applications from FEMALE applicants.

We engage top engineers. Experienced experts as well as distinguished Newly graduated engineers with personal values ​​for Sustainable Engineering, IT and Embedded solutions, caring for a well balanced life with family & fun together with YOUR best career development!


Successful companies build a well-planned business plan. MBE builds successful people through their individual “Personal Business Plan”! Since we have a wide palette of recognized international clients and assignments, there’s always a matching assignment connecting to YOUR career plan.

Through the MBE’s solid leadership model, our employees develop their career in 3D! Through long-term planning, between the 3D parts Work, Health and Social life, together with challenging assignments, important contacts and supplementary courses to become the best they can be… with their own individual prerequisites!


We hope you find this attempting to be a part of! Join us on the travel to YOUR best future! Apply, Develop and Create Your Future! Now!

Send your application as soon as possible to

Name your application to “Business Intelligence Expert”

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