DEEP – Digitized Energy Efficiency Portal

DEEP Story

“We wanted to create an easy-to-understand product, with advanced technology, that gives our customers and users lower costs, lower climate impact and more time for important value-adding things.

After several years in climate-smart real estate solutions, we found that property management could get a lot of help from tools that automatically show where in the property it offers the most improvement, and that automatically improves it.

As we works extensively within self-driving vehicles, we feel safe with AI algorithm development and would like to transfer our knowledge to the real estate industry, as it still contributes to almost twice as much climate impact as road transport (IEA, Digitalization & Energy, 2017)

Therefore we develop DEEP…”

Niclas Jarhäll, CEO Mutual Benefits Engineering AB (MBE)


In times when energy production in Sweden is transfered from nuclear to renewable, the energy price will increase and the loss of rotational energy creates a bigger need of grid balance support. The best prepared property owners will act on facts and plan for the smartest energy efficiency solutions in their buildings.

DEEP- Digitized Energy Efficiency Portal

Together with our Clients, our highly skilled Software Engineers, Computational Scientists, Programmers, Project Managers and System Architects, we develop DEEP. The aim is to optimize energy efficiency and maximize efficient operation. Spin-off effects will be a smooth financial value stream for the property owner, easy to reach all buildings by remote installation process, accelerated installation of energy efficient turn key solutions and grid balance through FFR.

Top AI application to improve the climate impact primarily for large real estates in Europe:

  • Continuous improvement by autonomous system (Reinforcement- & DEEP learning)
  • Energy- and operational optimization in real time through AI. Predict energy need through analysis of energy consumption, presence, weather reports, etc. Spread energy usage (adjust consumption at particular time)
  • Identify improvement areas through self learning AI-systems. Such as When and Where maintenance is needed. And the consequences of doing it.
  • Monitoring and Diagnosis of deviations – Measure, visualize, monitor energy consumption and comparison of KPI’s.
  • Electrical grid balance. Supporting property companies and utility companies with FFR (Fast Frequency Response)
  • Remotely controlled installation! Effective uniform installation process… anywhere!


  • Collecting data and controlling values from/to all sensors and regulators through the existing PLC/DUC*, and protocols such as OPC, Mbus or Modbus.
  • We use DEEP learning methods within Machine learning and AI technology to create a selflearning climate system in the building.
  • Autonomous control of the buildings systems, such as heating, cooling and ventilation. “System optimization through improved controls will be able to offer significant energy savings, becoming the alternative to energy reductions due to improvements in building envelopes and equipment. Savings can vary between 15% and 50%, depending on the control technology” (IEA, 2017)
  • Improved energy- and operational efficiency together with a balanced financial process gives cost saving from day one of use after AI-training, for any property owner.
  • Logged data from the trained AI-system gives our clients benefit to have answers which of the most energy efficient turn key solution to choose. Such as:
    • Optimized Local Energy Production (PV Solar cells, H2)
    • Energy Storage (Short term (El), Long term (H2), Geothermal)
    • Minimization of Waste Energy (Purified air recirculation).

* Programming in existing PLC are accomplished by certified PLC programmers. Any brand of PLC is valid.

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