About Mutual Benefits

We offer Cleantech Complete Solutions & Consultants in Engineering

Our mission is to advance development of society, to optimize the energy and cost efficiency of grid, buildings and transport through technical development of digital energy optimization tools (such as DEEP) and implementation of sustainable technical solutions (Cleantech) in the Energy and Automotive sector.

In addition to these solutions we offer consultants in the upper segment of competence. At Mutual Benefits we have solid Management, Technology Implementation and Engineering experience in supporting industry within Automotive and Energy sectors in Scandinavia and Europe to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

We are focusing on minimizing the carbon footprint and making the Scandinavian companies develop their organisation and products to improve their financial & environmental impact and also adapt their products for the most demanded markets in Scandinavia, the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The development of organisation and technology is of monumental importance. Hence we need creative and driven people. Development of our human capital is very important at Mutual Benefits. We supply every individual in the company with the ”Mutual Benefits Tricycle of life” and a personal coach. The Tricycle is a model and a way to find balance in a high performance environment and getting to know yourself better.


Mutual Benefits shall be Scandinavia’s leading partner within technology- and environmentally driven business development. Mutual Benefits aims to concretely and measurable contribute to a smaller human consumption of fossile fuels. This through competence of technology trade, engineering and management.  We grow in order to benefit more.

Main targets

Grow to be able to make a bigger difference. To give more benefits to the world.

We aim at being an accredited supplier of consultant services to the majority of Swedish consultant buying industries within west of Sweden.

We aim to concretely and measurable lowering the CO2 consumption in the world by 300 tons/year and show this result at our website in a soon future.

Great companies develop their Business Plan – Why shouldn’t people do?

Through “The Tricycle of Life”- Philosophy, we support development of each employee by a “Personal Business Plan” – at their own initiative!

Do you want to be the best at what you’re working with?
Do you want to be the one who organises dinners and trips with your friends and family?
Do you want to always do better and better results in your physical fitness?
Do you feel that you do not have the time?
Is it possible to top performance on everything? at work, socially, and the physical fitness at the same time?

We at Mutual Benefits see life as a tricycle, a source of joy for all ages, where each of the wheels represent:

  • Work (the professional)
  • Social life (with family and friends)
  • Health (body and soul)

Mutual Benefits Policy – often pronounced – is that our consultants are highly valued employees in our technical and commercial teams.
Mutual Benefits leadership is based on getting every employee to be recognized, and not just be a “tidrapportsnummer” in a large company. We do this through our cornerstones of leadership:

  • Mutual benefits / Win-Win
  • Balance in life / The tricycle
  • Personal Impact by Communication & Transparency
  • Personal approach and Business Acumen
  • Proactivity

Mutual Benefits / Win-Win

By helping our clients to win in a more competitive market, we help ourselves to become winners. We make our employees involved, by listening to what they want and are good at. We then sets goals on what they can bring to the company and our customers. Targets must be based on the three perspectives Employees, Company and Customer, and must therefore be motivating for all parties.

Balance in life

“Balance in life” consists of three major parts. Working life, social life and health. These three are part of a paradigm, we call it “The tricycle”. Based on the tricycle, we develop a plan for the relationships that are important to us in the long term, and how these relationships appears in the future. These must then be balanced with a commitment to developing your career, social life and health.

Through our tricycle, we maintain our commitment during both prosperity and adversity.

Personal Impact by Communication and Transparency

In order to find the right assignment for your unique personal development, that correspond to your own goals in your personal “Tricycle of Life”.

Communication and transparency is to promote the “corridor chat / coffee break chat” to get a better understanding of what each person in your surroundings feel and think. It is important to have “högt i tak” in all discussions before decisions are taken. And then agree on taken decisions. To be consistent and to keep what is agreed.

It is also important to maintain a regular communication. To communicate is to lead, leading without communicating is not a leadership. Gain courage to communicate beyond our outer facade, letting people into our mistakes and so on. By inviting to yourself, we can gain a better understanding and more easily get people with us.

Personal approach and business acumen … rings on the water

We want to be “Masters of meetings.” When we meet people in our surroundings, both at business and leisure, we want to get them interested in what we do, inspire confidence and build relationships … create rings on the water through meetings with people. In a group of people we should get people to have confidence in us. Whether we meet them at work, at dinner home of one, or on the town.

By getting people to ask about you, you get instant feedback on whether you are on track. Through the relationships we gain more confidence, which in turn provides greater potential for new business and your career.


Proactivity is to prioritize. Put first things first, not always what attracts most. Can we do it now, do it now! Do not wait with it until “tomorrow.” Look through the most important activities before the week starts and keep the focus until they are completed. Feel free to divide them in work, relationship and health.