Cleantech Solutions

Investment in renewable energy involves more and more people, governments and enterprises making this market grow and showing an important interest in the care of the environment. As a “digitized” cleantech company, our goal is to contribute to the development of the cleantech market, improve CAPEX and OPEX as well as the Environmental savings together with advanced AI.

Mutual Benefits Engineering contributes to the development, establishment and effective use of sustainable products. In these Impact Projects you will find some of the most competitive sustainable solutions.

At Mutual Benefits we have the ambition to benefit the world for real. To actually contribute concretely and measurable increase the CO2 savings as well as the financial savings. This often ends up in combining our competency within engineering and business development initiating Cleantech product companies to expand their business and reach the market faster.
Here are some of them:

DEEP – for Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

In times when energy generation in Sweden is transfered from nuclear to renewable, the energy price will increase. Therefore the most prepared commercial energy consumers plan for continuous improvement of energy efficiency in their buildings. DEEP, Digitized Energy Efficiency Portal delivers continuous information to both energy surveys and energy declarations. This information is then used to reduce both energy costs as well as climate impact.

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SMARTERGY – for electric grid balance

To be able to use all renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro) produced in Sweden and in addition to be able to predict when and where people charge their electric vehicles also be able to charge them with high power we develop SMARTERGY, who by AI predicts and supply local energy demands for households, industry och transports.

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Purified Air

Millions of people suffer from bad air in Iran. And China’s ‘airpocalypse’ kills 350,000 to 500,000 each year. Mutual Benefits in Sweden will help them have healthy indoor air. Mutual Benefits AB is the exclusive representative for Scandiavia’s top ionisation manufacturer from January 2014, in Iran and China.

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