“Mutual Benefits is truly the most interesting consultancy company at the CHARM fair”

Mutual Benefits Engineering (MBE) achieved very much positive feed back from engineering applicants.

The 7-8 of February 2017, CHARM days where held at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg. The MBE booth was visited by many interested engineers who wanted to know more about us. Read the expressions from two of them…

One visitor, Erik, expressed himself:
Mutual Benefits is truly the most interesting consultancy company at Charm“.

Another visitor, Kristina, who is living in Germany and who has studied as an exchange student at Chalmers, explained:

“About CHARM and what attracted me about MBE, I can first of all say it was simply your name. People with a sustainable mind definitely get attracted by the name “mutual benefits”. It implies that you/the company has a clean conscious and an understanding of sustainability in all three aspects (social, economical, ecological). I got curious about your company just because you have a very appealing name.

Furthermore attracted me that you have a variety of fields that you work in (automotive, energy, medical) and that within these fields you offer different positions such as business, economical and technical positions. Everyone can find his or hers place in MBE and a fulfilling assignment. And by putting numbers on your achievements and goals, for example the CO2 reduction, it proves and is easily understood that MBE really makes an impact in changing the world.

A third point is the size of MBE. A smaller company often cares a lot more about their employees, you don’t feel like you’re only a number. MBE uses its size perfectly since you have the opportunity to offer a personal development for all of your employees (an opportunity that a big company certainly doesn’t have) and that in the end doesn’t only benefit the employee but you as the company.

Last but not least I must say that your representative on CHARM (Anna) gave the company a perfect embodiment.

While other companies only tried to sell their company and didn’t try to get to know me, Anna proved that your name “Mutual Benefits” is not only your name, but it’s your mission and vision. Anna was interested in me and I was interested in Anna and the company. A mutual care that you wish for as an employee and as an employer. “Mutual Benefits”, a company that cares for you and that you, as an employee, care for likewise.”

We are very happy to hear this monumentally positive feed back, this is a major part of what we have worked for since we started 9 years ago, Thank you!!, says Mutual Benefits CEO, Niclas Jarhäll

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