THE SMARTERGY CONCEPT – AI controlled energy storages with local power amplification


Smartergy’s concept – AI controlled energy storages with local power amplification.
Changed lifestyles and future higher demands for uninterrupted electricity supply, new electricity-intensive industry, electrification of the transport sector and the transition to renewable energy production are directions in society that lead to capacity shortages or overproduction in the electric grid. The imbalance between southern and northern Sweden regarding electricity production and use is one of our society’s biggest infrastructure related problems today. The imbalance over time in the 400 V level may be even bigger with upcoming home fast EV-charging stations and consumer generated electricity such as solar. Since electric cars often will be fast charged with high demands of effect and energy the loading of the distribution centers will increase. There is a real danger that the supply (AC, DC, CHG) of electric cars will stagnate throughout 2020s just as the technology matures and market demand surges. (Se fig below)
Today, industries and jobs are moving from Sweden due to a lack of electricity. With energy stored from electricity grids, Smartergys’ modular Energy-Hubs will store and deliver seamlessly in real time and according to AI-predicted local power demand and demand side response (DSR) services to the Transmission System Operator (TSO). The purpose is to decrease CO2 emissions and increase share of renewable energy in the electric grid, to supply Distribution System Operators (DSO) and their consumers’s industry, households and transport sector with trustful energy and power capacity. This will most likely minimize any “range anxiety” for the electric vehicle owners and increase savings of additional CO2 by bigger use of electrical vehicles and thus reach the Paris Agreement’s zero-emission target up to 5 years earlier than today’s forecast.




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