MBE, RISE & CHALMERS in research cooperation of DEEP, supported by VGR

“We wanted to create an easy-to-understand product, with advanced AI technology, to give our customers a versatile tool for system integration of loads in buildings such as HVAC, energy storage and electric vehicle charging stations, to reach lower cost, lower climate impact, an excellent overview and more time for important value-adding things.

After several years in operational excellence and climate-smart real estate solutions, we found that property management could receive valuable support from AI-tools showing where in the property the “low hanging fruits” are found, and automatically improves them.

As we works extensively within ADAS and self-driving vehicles, we feel safe with AI algorithm development. We transfer our Machine learning knowledge to the real estate industry, as it still contributes to almost twice as much climate impact as road transport.

We therefore develop DEEP…”

Interested to be a part of the journey to improved energy efficiency & climate by Smart Energy management and AI? Contact Niclas Jarhäll, CEO.

MBE’s development of Digitized Energy Efficiency Portal, DEEP is done together with researchers from RISE and CIT (Chalmers Industrial Engineering) with support from VGR (Västra Götalandsregionen).

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