Benefits the world

We are not an ordinary company. When we started we didn’t just set up goals for the business, we aimed to make this a sustainable and meaningful business giving benefits to the world, us included. We aimed high and after a while realized that our vision attracts what our business likes best; driven people with high standards when it comes to values. People that not settles with just doing a job and then go home. Instead they want to contribute to the world and others for real.

Myself I found that just being a good consultant wasn’t enough. I wanted to see, feel and measure directly how my efforts led to lesser CO2 consumption. This led me to investing time in cleantech products, taking initiative in their development and marketing. Today I run Mutual Benefits as a CEO and am involved in several products and projects within cleantech, – because I love it. I have the inner drive to change and the values making me want to create benefits for the world for real.

Our Expertise

MBE have In depth industrial experience within Energy, MedTech and Automotive

Mutual Benefits Engineering Consultants Services

  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Embedded systems & Applications SW
  • Quality/Regulatory Assurance

Mutual Benefits Delivery of Complete Cleantech Solutions

  • Digitalisation of buildings
  • Indoor Air Purification
  • Solar Energy Technology
  • Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage

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Niclas Jarhäll, founder and CEO