SMARTERGY – Distributed modular Energy-Hubs with power amplification and DSR services

We have now received additional acknowledgements for our AI tool – DEEP

MBE’s AI tool DEEP has now received national acknowledgement and monetary support from The Swedish Energy Agency in Smartergy’s modular concept for grid balancing. – DISTRIBUTED MODULAR ENERGY-HUBS WITH POWER AMPLIFICATION AND DSR CONTRACTS – This winning concept make it possible for Sweden to use more renewable energy. A Distributed Energy Storage system controlled by AI will balance the electrical grid and open the possibility to use more renewable energy.

The Energy-Hubs consists of combined energy storage devices optimized for its users position, energy and power need. It can be any hydrogen carrier, battery, supercapacitor, flywheel, heated aluminum or other.

This is DEEP’s second official acknowledgement in short time.
In this system solution we are expanding DEEP’s functionality to also include control of energy supply to DSOs (Distribution System Operators), Industries, Households and CPOs (Charge Point Operators) through advanced data driven DRL.

We are very happy and proud to have won the trust and support from The Swedish Energy Agency. Thank you!
Niclas Jarhäll, CEO MBE


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