MBE are expanding and are looking for a senior creative and curious SYSTEM ENGINEER / E-mobility developer. Preferably with experience from development of ESS (Energy storage systems), Charging systems, Electrical machines and Power conversion in 400/600V or higher, and 24/48V systems.

Our customers are developing the future technology for ever more environmentally beneficial machines, such as full electric drivelines for road transport, marine and/or construction machinery. They are facing an intensive period to develop a new technical platform for E-mobility.

If you are driven to contribute with your qualified skills for development and implementation of tomorrow’s technical solutions, we have the challenges for you.

For the right candidates we can also offer the opportunity to work in exciting establishment projects supported by expert panels from Swedish authorities within AI and energy  storage systems in industries, household and transport sector such as EV Charging and ESS systems for vehicles and Smart Energy Storage System Development. We want to make it easier for our customers to take responsibility for the climate with joint technological development as well as applying MBE’s advanced technical innovations in AI and ESS. More info at “Smart Energy Storage System development, SMARTERGY”


Electromobility is one of the most important development areas for the climate and society today.

Mutual Benefits Group (founded 2008) started Smartergy AB, 2020 and are responsible for several research projects within ELECTRIC GRID POWER BALANCING and AI to provide society with better energy systems to E-mobility, Industry and Household sector. The projects are financed by The Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), VGR, ALMI and Mutual Benefits Group.

When joining the Energy Storage System engineering (ESS) team you will not only develop the interior challenges of ESS but also the ESS and Charging of vehicles on the field. It means distributed AI balanced and mixed ESS, to support the electric grid as well as the Electric Vehicles charging demand (up to 1200 kW) balanced with Industry and Household electric energy demands.

Together with our clients we prepare and develop the conditions for the transition from conventional powertrains to electromobility and secure a stepwise implementation in different segments/regions.

In this project we develop and drive the electromobility product portfolio for Heavy Duty & Public transport vehicles as well as creating opportunities for neighbouring business areas within Electromobility in the vehicles as well as the infrastructure on the field. The importance of electromobility is growing every day and a key component within the electrified powertrain is the Energy Storage System.

Smartergy AB are the product owner and are accountable for the lifecycle management of the ESS, from advanced engineering, throughout product development into the maintenance phase.


To the Automotive Energy Storage System Engineering (ESS) team we are now recruiting two REQUIREMENT MANAGERS.

Mutual Benefits Engineering AB (MBE), Energy Storage System engineering is a growing agile driven organization in place to shape the future! Our ESS team are responsible to develop the complete ESS functionality realized by HW and SW solutions. The team consist of an agile and innovative driven organization with skilled product developers consisting of passionate people from all disciplines included in ESS such as Energy engineering (BMS, SW, Electro chemistry, Power Electronics) Data Science (AI), and Project managers.

We work in an optimistic atmosphere, where care of society, joy, knowledge sharing and openness are key characteristics. With us, you will have a diverse, top skilled, friendly and innovative driven team on your side, always providing you the help needed to manage tasks you cannot imagine today. We are working in a cross-functional way from requirement, concept and design, final verification, implementation in production and aftermarket. To secure commonality and an efficient product portfolio we need to support the ESS organization with direction and decision material.


You are an experienced engineer who easily introduces yourself to new technologies. We look forward to having at least 5 years of industrial experience from design, testing and verification, combined with sound theoretical knowledge. We believe you like to have structure, order and proactivity in your work. The ability to work as a team player independently in teams, give and interact with others and that you are communicative and driven are qualities that we highly appreciate for these assignments.

  • We believe that to be successful in this position, you are a pragmatic team player that loves to develop System designs with the customer in focus.
  • Since the area is in an early phase, it is important that you are flexible and enjoy working in a changing environment.
  • You have a broad knowledge and experience in system engineering including Electrical, Mechanical and functional development.
  • We believe you need to have solid experience in our clients toolchain and processes regarding requirement and product documentation/logic such as KOLA, Dim RM, SE Tool etc.
  • Master of Science in Mechatronics, Electrical or Mechanical engineering.
  • 5 years’ experience from quality and system engineering within automotive systems.
  • Solid experience in requirement balancing and alignment between customers and stakeholders.
  • Experience from working with the requriement tools System weaver (SE-Tools) or Dimensions-RM.
  • Proven record of excellent communication and presentation skills.


It is considered a merit if you have experience within one or several of the following: Experience within Energy Storage Systems. Charging systems, Electrical machines or Power conversion in 400/600V or higher. Agile Principals and methods.



MBE have solid experience of sustainable product development in Automotive and Clean Energy Tech industry. After awards for growth and leadership such as DI Gazelle with successful international business we celebrated our 10th anniversary 2018.

We created and developed our distinguished leadership model together with professors at IHM Personal Leadership program and Stephen R Covey’s methodology. You will recognize many similarities in Simon Sinek’s visions. The model is continuously sharpened since 2001.


We are happy to see applications from creative, curious and senior developers to join our expert team towards advanced technology clients within Automotive and Circular Energy. We are extra happy to see applications from FEMALE applicants.

We engage top engineers. Experienced experts as well as distinguished Newly graduated engineers with personal values ​​for Sustainable Engineering, IT and Embedded solutions, caring for a well balanced life with family & fun together with YOUR best career development!


Successful companies build a well-planned business plan. MBE builds successful people through their individual “Personal Business Plan”! Since we have a wide palette of recognized international clients and assignments, there’s always a matching assignment connecting to YOUR career plan.

Through the MBE’s solid leadership model, our employees develop their career in 3D! Through long-term planning, between the 3D parts Work, Health and Social life, together with challenging assignments, important contacts and supplementary courses to become the best they can be… with their own individual prerequisites!


We hope you find this attempting to be a part of! Join us on the travel to YOUR best future! Apply, Develop and Create Your Future! Now!

Send your application as soon as possible to jobb@mutualbenefits.se

Name your application to “E-MOBILITY ESS RM”