Project Manager Field Quality – Automotive SW

Mutual Benefits Engineering AB have over a decade of experience of placing amongst the best project managers within quality issues for our customer in the Automotive sector, heavy vehicles.

Expressions from some of our customers within Project Management towards heavy vehicles:

”Mutual Benefits distinguishes from other consulting firms. They are far more sales and marketing oriented.
They deliver REALLY GOOD CANDIDATES, whose counterpart is not found in any other consulting firm”

”Outstanding ability to find the right candidates. You know our needs very well”

We are now looking for more candidates to fulfil our customers needs. If you find this attempting and fit in to the description below, don’t hesitate to send in your application…

Project Manager – Field Quality Automotive SW (QJ-issues)

Work Description
Lead the cross-functional QJ-team in order to introduce solutions for Quality in the field issues with the shortest possible lead-time according to the QJ-process. You will coordinate the efforts of a crossfunctional team. You are expected to assume responsibility for 7-8 “mini-projects” and the “mini-projects” aim at finding resolutions to QJ-issues as quickly as possible and at the same time maintain the highest quality level in the work.

M.Sc or B.Sc with 3-5 years work experience. Experience from automotive software.
Most of the QJ-issues originate from the electrical/electronic components, so we are not looking for technical experts within automotive software. We want to see an application from you with strong “project leader type” and who can get things moving, have the ability to prioritise and act as a role model for result oriented humble project management.

As agreed

We are continuously recruting qualified engineers. Send in your CV together with personal letter as soon as possible to